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1Magic Button - Java Button Maker  v.4.01Web Development / Javascript & JavaFreeFreeware1.53 Mb
2Events generator  v. / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware1.1 Mb
3Events Manager  v.1.6Business / Organizers & PIMsFreeFreeware420 Kb
4ICal Events  v.0.30Web Development / Miscellaneous-GPL0 Kb
5Caller ID Events  v.1.0Internet / Misc$24.00Shareware0 Kb
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1EvRouter  v.0.3.2Audio / Music Management-GPLDetail

EvRouter reads events from the Linux input layer, and acts on them according to a user-specified set of rules. Currently, EvRouter can map events to X11 key and button presses, XMMS commands, and it can also run shell commands. EvRouter is intended

25 Kb
2Judy's CountDown  v.3.1.1Home & Education / Calendars & PlannersFreeFreewareDetail

Fun, polished program that tracks holidays and other important events in your life, so you can be sure not to forget about something crucial (like your wedding anniversary!) ... and you can share events with people you know.

3.38 Mb
3Linux Joystick Mapper  v.0.1Utilities / PrintersFreeFreewareDetail

A linux userspace device driver that allows joystick events to be remapped. Several joysticks can be combined into a single controller, and button/axes events can be remapped to new joystick, keyboard or mouse events. Advanced scripting also

175 Kb
4SilverMouse  v. BetaDevelopment / Components & LibrariesFreeFreewareDetail

SilverMouse is a small library that will add many features to Silverlight input system

6 Kb
5Cactus GUI  v.0320.alpha.1Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Cactus GUI is a Pygame GUI that allows easy creation of UI Elements within the application and connecting events to them. Elements: textbox, label, image, keybind, button Events: hover, unhover, focus, blur, mouseup, ...

513 Kb
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1Easy Button Creator  v.2.3Web Development / Web Design$23.00Shareware1.9 Mb

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2Web Button Maker Deluxe  v.3.05Web Development / Web Design$29.95Shareware5.29 Mb

web button, aqua button, button builder, button creator, button designer, animated button

3Button Shop  v.4.272Web Development / Web Design$39.95Shareware8.15 Mb

web button, button maker, web button maker, aqua button, button builder, button creator, button designer, buttons, animated button, menu maker

4UltraButton  v.1.0Web Development / Web Design$39.95Shareware2.54 Mb

web button, flash button, gif button, jpeg button

5HTML Button Editor  v.5.0Web Development / HTML Editors$24.00Shareware4.96 Mb

html button, html button software, html button editor, html button maker, html button element, html button tag, button tag, onclick javascript event, windows system html button, windows button

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